Prosh 2018 will be on Wednesday the 21st of March!

PROSH started as a small paper called the Sruss-Sruss in 1931. Since then it has grown to become one of the most iconic traditions of UWA. Every year, a team of dedicated student writers get together to produce the PROSH paper, a 20+ page newspaper of satirical content on current affairs locally, globally and internationally. Thousands of UWA students hit the streets of Perth on PROSH day, rattling tins and handing out papers in exchange for donations. All profits are donated to a group of charities chosen each year that support the WA community - over the last 86 years, over 2 million dollars have been raised!

In 2018, PROSH is supporting the following charities:

Leading Youth Forward

Leading Youth Forward was founded in 2011 by a group of older Uni Camp for Kids (UCFK) volunteers to extend support for disadvantaged and at-risk Perth kids beyond the UCFK age cut-off at 12 years. The LYF program is run 100% by volunteer mentors to offer 1-to-1 mentoring for underprivileged Perth teens aged 12-15. They deliver life affirming experiences, support and encouragement to over 90 teenagers each year at a critical stage in their lives through a weekend camp and program of events.

Orange Sky Laundry

Orange Sky is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. Each week, Orange Sky does more than 7200kgs of laundry and provides over 150 showers for people doing it tough across the country.

The Perth North laundry van currently does around 65 loads of washing each week, but most importantly, helps to positively connect our friends on the street through genuine and non-judgemental conversation. The funds raised and donated by PROSH will be put towards volunteer recruitment and training costs, including the provision of Mental Health First Aid training to Perth volunteers.


Samaritans is a not-for-profit crisis support community group to save and improve the quality of lives of those in crisis, in despair or suicidal. Funding will be directed to the volunteer crisis support training program, contributing to The Samaritans' goal of ‘No Call Unanswered.’ Every $10,000 raised will train 10 new Crisis Support volunteers. Crisis Support volunteers answer on average 7 calls per shift. If a volunteer does 50 shifts per year, an additional 10 volunteers could answer 3500 calls in a year from those in crisis or socially isolated. 250 of the calls will be directly suicide related.


angelhands has been supporting survivors of extreme trauma for over 15 years. The support that angelhands provides encourages a reconnection for members of the community who have experienced assault, sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse or are the secondary victims of homicide and suicide. angelhands will use funds raised by PROSH to host two residential retreats (which support up to 12 clients to move from surviving to thriving) and train three Trauma Recovery Angels to continue to support the vulnerable within our community.

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